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Expert prosthetist, and a born artist

This unparalleled talent, undoubtedly one of the most gifted prosthetists in the country and in the Arab world in general, comes straight from Syria, where he has received his prosthetist training.

Carrying on with various trainings and international diplomas, particularly in Germany, he very quickly acquired a remarkable experience and an expertise recognized by everyone.

Thus, he has quickly raised to the rank of international reference requested by the biggest brands worldwide such as Vita or G Ceram to evaluate their products.

He has also been teaching and training more than 1000 fellow prosthetists and produced educational and demonstrative videos of his work in associations with many firms.

With more than 12 years of experience , he has gained a central place in the Algerian dentistry field, and nowadays many dental clinics are fighting to get his services, because of the confidence he inspires in himself and in his work.

His latest project is the pinnacle of his journey, an elite center, bringing together the greatest national experts and talents and where the patient can benefit from the very best, the nec plus ultra, of prosthodontics, implantology and aesthetic medicine.

Academic background and experience

Dental technician diploma from: Technician dental institute Demascus Syria


Dental technician certificate from "DENT ART" German laboratory signed by Adam Raphael Kotulla


Honorary diploma and a qualification signed by Isabelle Datel


2 Years of experience on DegunDent "DENTSLAY"

  • Technician advisor: Zircon love Metal kiss
  • Dental technician trainer
2014 - 2016

Creator of his own company "HERDA DENTAL LAB"

2016 – Present

Participation in the television series "YES I AM FASHION" as a dental technician

2018 – Present