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About the Dental Center

Our Center aims to become a leading institute for dental and facial aesthetics at the national and the international levels.

In order to achieve that, we do not skimp on technological, scientific and human resources in order to offer the best services to the most demanding customers, in the future largest center in Algeria.

This institution of excellence, led by Abou Rasheed, the Syrian prodigy, recognized by his peers as one of the best prosthetists in Algeria, and surrounded by leading practitioners and experts in the aesthetic domain.

Our dental and facial aesthetics center brings together a harmonious and complementary team to cover all the patients’ needs in one place, within the shortest possible period of time. We offer a unique range of treatments ranging from implantology and prosthodontics to Hollywood smile and aesthetic medicine, including Botox and fillers, all in the same facility to spare patients the effort of endless travels and centralize the monitoring of their medical history files.

Our own prosthesis laboratory

Our center has its own prosthesis laboratory and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology using major internationally renowned brands, in order to combine speed and quality.

Dental tourism

Abou Rasheed has truly become the top destination for national celebrities and businessmen as well as people from all over the world. Thus, the center provides full dental tourism services for our international patients, taking care of all the traveling issues and the details of their journey from their arrival until their treatment is fully accomplished.