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Dental Implants



Implantology is a discipline of dentistry that deals with the embedding various types of dental implants. Dental implants are artificial teeth roots anchored to the jawbone and used to provide permanent support for a crown, a dental bridge, or more generally a dental prosthesis.

The implant is usually crafted with biocompatible titanium; it perfectly mimics and replaces the natural root anatomically as well as functionally.

An abutment is mounted on the implant to serve as the basis for the artificial crown. The rest of the prosthesis can then be added safely.

Dental implants are an excellent treatment option for toothlessness. Not only do they replace effectively the missing tooth, they also have a protective role for the remaining healthy teeth and prevent bone demineralization, caused by the empty space left by lost tooth.

Furthermore, their durability is virtually unlimited if carefully maintained and regularly checked.

In other words, implants often remain the best solution for you, guaranteeing optimal aesthetic and functional results.

The practitioner’s experience and the availability of modern technology are the key factors that determine the success of implant treatment.
Within our humble center, we are committed to use only cutting-edge technology with the most recent protocols, ensuring customized treatments, adapted to your needs.

You will be in the hands of talented and highly qualified surgeons which are among the best implantologists in the country, in order to achieve, in fine, perfect results.