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Teeth whitening


A beautiful smile is often the first thing you notice in someone. When you feel good about your smile, you enter the world with more confidence, eliciting positive reactions more easily.

In our specialized Center in aesthetic dentistry, we deeply understand the value of a smile, and that it can change everything for you and for your life.

In order to obtain a shiny smile, we offer you dental whitening, which is the process of lightening the color of teeth through multiple processes.

Tooth discoloration or yellowing develops when darker colored pigments become lodged on the surface of the enamel, due especially to frequent consumption of coffee, tea or smoking.

To remedy this, we use a process in which hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth as a gel and then activated by light which seeps into the enamel and dissolves the color pigments, making your teeth instantly whiter.

The result can last for years and can be repeated at any time. The method is completely painless.